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Attend the new Shomrei Pesach Shuk join for wine tasting and order your Pesach wine, matza, grape juice, judaica, and more at our "One-Stop-Pre-Pesach Shop"!

Shuk Schedule:

This week's in-person Pesach Shuk hours @ Shomrei are Tuesday 3/20, Thursday 3/22, and Motzei Shabbos 3/24, from 9-11pm om each of these days. Wine tastings are open during these times.

Pesach Shuk

Matza sale


Click here to place your order for matza online.

Please note:  As of March 21, we are sold out of regular Vishnitz matza and whole wheat matza.


Lakewood Bakery Handmade Shmura Matzah

$23.00/ 1 LB BOX


Vishnitz Eidah Hachareidid Hand Shmura Matzah

$20.00/ 1 LB BOX

Whole Wheat Matzah - $29.00/1 LB Box

Spelt Organic - $36.00/1 LB Box

Gluten Free - $36.00/1 LB Box

Wine - for sale

Please click here to see the extensive list of wines which will be available for purchase at the Shuk!

Click here to place your order for wine online. 

Sat, December 15 2018 7 Teves 5779