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Book of Life 2018

It is the custom of our Shul to maintain a Book of Life in which the names of departed loved ones are memorialized as part of our Yizkor services four times a year.  Part of that prayer specifies the giving of charity in memory of the person whose name is remembered.  Memorializing your loved ones in the Book of Life is a way of fulfilling this Mitzvah.  This Book of Life also contains tefilos appropriate for the occasion, Moleh Rachamims for the Martyrs of the Holocaust, as well as the fallen members of the Israel Defense Forces and the Victims of Terror.

PLEASE NOTE: In the interest of moving our services along at a pace acceptable to all, the reading aloud in shul of each name included in this book will occur on Yom Kippur only.  During the other holidays, a single inclusive Moleh Rachamim will be recited.


David Zuckerbrod, on behalf of the Religious Services Committee

Step 1: Please enter the number of names you included in last year's Book of Life that you would like to include again in this year's Book of Life.

Step 2: Please enter the number of new names you would like to include in this year's Book of Life.
Tue, March 26 2019 19 Adar II 5779