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Welcome to Shomrei Emunah!  We hope you feel at home, engaged, and inspired at our shul.  Please take a look around our website for details of our multiple minyanim and learning programs, and exciting events throughout the year! .


Shomrei  Business Circle (SBC)

Please click through the ads in the right-side column from the generous businesses and organizations that support our shul as members of the Shomrei Business Circle (SBC). Click here to see the list of all SBC Members


Vaccine Policy for All Attendees of Shomrei Emunah

In an effort to ensure that our shul remains a healthy and safe environment for all members of our community, the shul’s policy is that any individual who has not received the vaccinations required by Maryland State for students attending school (please click here for current listing) may not enter the shul or its premises. If someone has a medical reason why they should not receive the vaccinations, that individual may request an exemption by contacting Rabbi Marwick (

SHOMREi emunah purim carnival - sunday, march 8


When: Tuesday, March 10th – Time TBA

Cost: $30/Person

RSVP: Call 305-336-4738 or email,

Reservations and payment must be received by March 3rd

Volunteers needed to: Help Set up /Clean up/Provide Entertainment/Lead a Game or Contest

Survey for high school girls

Please click here to complete the survey. This will help us with our programs. Please contact with any questions. 

Agudah scrip program

program for seniors: The simcha club

Message From the youth department

Reminders, notes and updates regarding Shabbos morning youth groups.

The younger boys' group (1-3 graders) will take place in Classroom 3/4, will begin at 8:45 and will end at the end of the main (9:00) minyan.

Next, a number of security concerns have arisen recently, so here are some reminders of shul policy, with some specific updates. We appreciate your cooperation in ensuring our childrens' safety.

1) For children in the baby groups, the pre-school group, and 1-3 grade groups: Children should be dropped off and picked up by a responsible parent/guardian (over the age of 13). While in groups, children are not permitted to leave by themselves, or come and go as they please. This includes leaving groups for a few minutes to get candy/say hi to a friend/go for a walk etc. Unless accompanied by an adult who has picked them up from groups, children in groups must remain in groups. This policy is to ensure our childrens' safety as well as minimize disruptions to the groups' programming.

2) Children in 3rd grade and below must either be in groups or be supervised by a responsible parent/guardian (over the age of 13). Children may be neither in the building or outside unsupervised. Again, this is to ensure out childrens' safety, as well as minimize disturbances to those trying to daven.

3) We are sending out a survey to collect information about the children attending our shul's groups on a weekly basis. The purpose of this survey is to ensure the safety of all of our children by providing the leaders' with adequate information in case of emergency and by making sure there are enough groups leaders for each group. **PLEASE NOTE**: Beginning November 3, children ages 3 and under MUST be registered in order to attend groups. If not registered, children will unfortunately not be able to attend groups until they are.

Please click here to take the youth survey.

Thank you! 

introducing shomrei business circle

Limud kitzur shulchan aruch yomi

Shomrei recently initiated a limud of Kitzur Shulchan Aruch Yomi. Click here for the schedule. Keeping to this schedule of daily learning will allow us to complete the entire Sefer in a year!

Children's Library at Shomrei

We are excited to announce that a fantastic new Jewish Children’s Library for the greater Baltimore community is based at our Shul.  The library’s hours are 10-11 AM on Sunday mornings and 2-3 PM on Friday afternoons, and is located in Classroom 3. Shomrei members receive premium membership rates of $18/year reduced from $36 per year.   For more information see   A big thank you to Faige Katz, Rachael Kossman, and the entire library team for creating such a wonderful community resource and extending these privileges to Shomrei members.

Tue, February 18 2020 23 Shevat 5780