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Welcome to Shomrei Emunah!  We hope you feel at home, engaged, and inspired at our shul.  Please take a look around our website for details of our multiple minyanim and learning programs, and exciting events throughout the year! 

shomrei's virtual tisha b'av program

Shomrei's  “Virtual” Tisha B’Av Program:
Kinos with Commentary and Discussion

Featuring Rabbi Marwick joined by Rabbi Dovid Katz, Rabbi Shmuel Iser, and Rabbi Yonah Sklare.




Thank you to our sponsors:
Jeremy and Devorah Gradon, in honor of Rabbi Marwick and the shul board in recognition of all their hard work during these challenging times.

Murray and Baila Jacobson, in honor of Rabbi Marwick.

Emily and Gary Honick, in honor of Rabbi Marwick.

If you would like to sponsor the Kinos program, please email

Wishing Everyone an Easy and Meaningful Fast.

minyan Sign Up - Shabbos and Weekdays

To our Shomrei Emunah Family:

We want to continue to stress adherence to shul guidelines. Baruch Hashem, our shul is setting a proper example. Unfortunately, our own community has seen a rise in new cases this past week, and with the nationwide and local travel season ramping up, the strongest combatant is to continue to keep track of who is coming into our shul. It is still just as important to maintain the wearing masks and sitting in the pre-marked seats. Please do not confront people who you feel are not following guidelines, but rather approach the minyan gabbai.

If you have been in Florida in the past 14 days, please do not come to shul.

Shabbos minyanim will be beginning with brochos.  All men and women and boys and girls within a year of Bar/Bas Mitzvah are invited to register. Minyanim are first-come, first-served, and priority will be given to our members. Only those who register will be able to join.   

Minyan Sign Up Sheet

There will be a Teen Minyan for middle school and high school boys with Rabbi Bennett, which will meet in the Beis Medrash at 9:30 am. To sign up for the Teen Minyan, please only contact Rabbi Bennett at

For those who would prefer an outdoor Shabbos morning option, we will be partnering with Ner Tamid to make a joint outdoor minyan in their fenced in property.  Please contact Murray Jacobson for information


WEEKDAY MINYANIM: Thank you again for following all the safety guidelines-- wearing masks and sitting in the pre-marked seats - it has been reassuring seeing mispallelim be conscientious of each other.

Please ONLY enter and exit through the back door near the parking lot, as the front door will remain locked.

This coming week we will be having the following minyanim.


Mincha/Maariv: Sunday, Monday Tuesday -  6:45, 8:10 PM
Sunday -
6:20 (MS), 7:15 (MS), 8:00 (SH), 9:00 (MS)
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday - 6:00 (MS), 6:20/6:30 (SH), 7:00 (MS), 8:00 (SH), 9:00 (MS). Wednesday schacharis minyanim wil take place in the Bais Medrash instead of the social hall.

Wednesday Evening, Thursday - Tisha B'av - See Separate Tisha B'av Schedule here.


* Restrooms will be available for emergency use and will be cleaned consistently.

* You must continue to wear masks, covering both your mouth and nose, and follow all the safety guidelines while in our shul.

* Please bring your own siddurim/chumashim.

* If you are not feeling well, or have family members who are not feeling well, please do not come to shul. If you have COVID-19 symptoms please get tested immediately, and let us know if you test positive for contact tracing purposes.

* Members of the same family may sit in the double chairs and maintain a 6-foot distance from the nearest chair.

*Due to the limited number of seats, the signup sheet is limited to shul members only.  Unfortunately we are unable to accommodate guests at this time.

Message from the president - july 16


The Yomim Noraim are one of the most special and meaningful times of the year for our Shomrei family. 

As you can imagine, planning for Yomim Noraim this year during the COVID-19 pandemic presents unique challenges. Last year, we hosted more than 800 people, and our goal is to accommodate our members this year as well, in a safe and responsible way.

We have already begun planning for many scenarios, and your input is crucial to continue developing our plans. We ask that each family complete this brief survey indicating their current plans for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. We are aware that these plans may need to change and that the medical/governmental guidelines remain in flux. Nevertheless, these responses will help us begin to formulate a plan that best serves our entire membership.

Filling out the survey is in no way a commitment to attend (or not attend) any part of the yom tov services. More details and plans will be forthcoming as the holidays approach.   

On an equally urgent note, it behooves each of us to do our best to pay our balances. Please email if you need a copy of your shul statement. As anyone might imagine, it is a difficult time for our wonderful community shul, so it is more important than ever that families pay outstanding debt. Our shul is doing everything to continue our incredible array of amenities - all without the normal level of incoming donations. 

1. Please make your payments here.
2. Please fill out the Yomim Noraim survey here.

Please know that we are continuing to work endlessly behind the scenes to create the finest product while serving our beloved kehillah with safety, achdus and ahavas chinam.

Wishing you all a meaningful Three Weeks and happy and healthy upcoming Yom Tov season. As always please reach out to me at with any thoughts or concerns.



Shomrei Emunah Women's Summer Lecture Series 5780


Call-in: +13017158592,   Meeting id: 5824139919#

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Vaccine Policy for All Attendees of Shomrei Emunah

In an effort to ensure that our shul remains a healthy and safe environment for all members of our community, the shul’s policy is that any individual who has not received the vaccinations required by Maryland State for students attending school (please click here for current listing) may not enter the shul or its premises. If someone has a medical reason why they should not receive the vaccinations, that individual may request an exemption by contacting Rabbi Marwick (

Agudah scrip program

program for seniors: The simcha club

Limud kitzur shulchan aruch yomi

Shomrei recently initiated a limud of Kitzur Shulchan Aruch Yomi. Click here for the schedule. Keeping to this schedule of daily learning will allow us to complete the entire Sefer in a year!

Children's Library at Shomrei

We are excited to announce that a fantastic new Jewish Children’s Library for the greater Baltimore community is based at our Shul.  The library’s hours are 10-11 AM on Sunday mornings and 2-3 PM on Friday afternoons, and is located in Classroom 3. Shomrei members receive premium membership rates of $18/year reduced from $36 per year.   For more information see   A big thank you to Faige Katz, Rachael Kossman, and the entire library team for creating such a wonderful community resource and extending these privileges to Shomrei members.

Thu, August 6 2020 16 Av 5780