Josh Zaslow, Youth Director

About our Youth Director 

Josh Zaslow has earned quite an amazing reputation for the youth department at Shomrei since he became youth director in 2012. With an experienced background working with children and teens in a myriad of different settings, Josh brings a level of charisma, energy, and dedication that enables the Youth Department to thrive. It’s no wonder the Youth Department is known as “The greatest youth department east of the Rockies.”

Prior to Shomrei Emunah, Josh developed and ran the teen department and Youth Minyan at the Young Israel of Bayswater. As a teenager and young adult, Josh worked in a number of different youth settings including Romimu, Manavu, C.I.T.’s, Simcha Day Camp, Areivim, NCSY, and most recently, Camp Shoresh, where he also runs teen programming throughout the year. 

When Josh is not organizing the many and varied Shomrei Youth programs throughout the year, he works as a School Psychologist for Baltimore County. In his spare time, Josh enjoys playing football, basketball, drums and guitar, and going snowboarding. 

Please feel free to reach out to Josh with any questions you may have, or if you simply want to find out more information about the Youth Department!

He can be reached at, or

Thu, January 18 2018 2 Shevat 5778