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Congregation Shomrei Emunah

Sukkos 5776

Sukkos Yom Tov Schedule

Yom Tov Learning Schedule

Kol Hashomrim

Shomrei Emunah's Simchas Torah Kiddush!

Shomrei Emunah cordially invites all its members to participate in our annual Simchas Torah Kiddush, which will take place Simchas Torah day! Sponsorships are available for $25 or $50. Please email

Sponsor Chosson Torah for the Rav!

It is our pleasure to honor our Rav with the Kibbud of Chosson Torah this year. In addition to showing hakaras hatov to the Rav, we also raise funds that are essential for the ongoing operations of our shul, If you would like to participate in this Kibbud, we welcome your support at $36 per family.  Please email

A complete list of sponsors will be published after Yom Tov.

Flower Sponsorship

Sponsorships for flowers for Sukkos are available. For more information please call the office at 410-358-8604 or email


Chol Hamoed Schedule


5:55                     M S   

7:00                     S H       

8:00                     M S,  

9:00                     S H                                                                                            

  M S – MAIN SHUL       S H -  SOCIAL HALL  

Welcome!   Shulcloud launch

We are excited to announce the launch of Shomrei Emunah’s new website, online billing, and 
account management system!

You can now log in to the website, update your profile and view and pay your pledges and much

Please feel free to explore the site and its features.

There are many more features which will be available as we complete the transition. 
We will keep you posted!

If you do not receive the log in email or have trouble logging in, please contact with your name and email address. 


Upcoming Events


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Sukkos with Shomrei Youth

Calling all 1st through 5th grade girls! Come join us for our Sukkah decoration making and pizza party! It will take place in Shomrei, classroom 1- Sunday morning (9/20),  from 11:00-1:00. See you there!
Shomrei Sukkah hop! All 1st-5th grade boys and girls (separate groups) are invited to our annual Sukkah hop! We will meet at Shomrei on the first day of Sukkos at 4pm. Please be in touch with our youth director, Josh Zaslow to volunteer! See you there!
Youth paintball trip! All teenage boys are invited to join us for our annual Chol Hamoed  paintball trip!! Thursday, Chol Hamoed Sukkos-leaving from Shomrei at 10:30am! Email to reserve your spot! See flyer for more details!
Sukkos Sale – Support our youth department! The annual community-wide Sukkos sale will be taking place at Shomrei beginning Sunday Morning, 9/20 and will be open through Erev Sukkos.  See exact times on the flyer at  Arba Minim, decorations and more are available; proceeds benefit Shomrei Youth programs! 
Are you interested in helping sponsor the candy bags on Simchas Torah?  Just think of all the brachos made and simcha created in your zechus! Please contact Josh Zaslow!
Sun, 4 October 2015 21 Tishrei 5776